Sacred Conversations With Our Ancestors | October 13 - 17, 2022

Readings By Simone Releases Dates For Ancestral Retreat In Barbados.

Sacred Conversations With Our Ancestors will be held at Santosha Resort in Barbados. The guided four-day ancestral experience will bring together healers and those in the diaspora seeking a deeper spiritual connection.

Sacred Conversations With Our Ancestors is dedicated to creating safe spaces and energies to connect and reconnect us with our beloved who have passed on — those we know and the ones we don’t,” explains Simone Arthur, founder of Readings by Simone.

“And we chose the east coast of the island for our retreat because if you sail from that side of the island, the Atlantic Ocean carries you from the shores of the island directly home to Africa, without once touching land mass. This creates a portal harnessing the energies of the elements to bring forth true spiritual connection,” she adds.

Simone, who is a spiritualist, medium and intuitive reader, has been practicing healing arts for over 15 years. Guided by her Ancestors, she provides spiritual readings, teaches a spirituality course, hosts a spirituality Club House room, and also hosts a podcast that shines a light on healers from across the globe.

Sacred Conversations With Our Ancestors is the latest manifestation of her practice. Through workshops on Ancestral Veneration by Ìyá Simone, and Mental Health and Spirituality by licensed clinical therapist Ìyá Ìfè Michelle, attendees will:

  • Identify the love language of their Ancestors
  • Gain a deeper understanding of spiritual messages
  • Become empowered and confident to use the skills they’ve learned as they continue their spiritual journey

The experience also includes bush baths and cleansings, sunrise yoga sessions with yoga and pilates instructor Lana Sealy, a day at the shore at Sands Hotel with a sunset meditation, daily nutritious cuisine prepared by Chef Dane Saddler, a walk to the Atlantic Ocean lead by drummers to give offerings and prayers to the Ancestors, and branded gift bags.

And in true Barbadian hospitality, attendees will be welcomed at the airport on arrival, escorted through immigration and baggage pick up, and then shuttled to the resort.

Attendees can visit to learn more about the experience. Limited spots are available.

About Readings By Simone

Readings By Simone provides a pathway to receive spiritual guidance on the past, present and future, and to connect with loved ones who have transitioned. For more than 15 years, Simone has provided spiritual readings, tools and resources to people from all walks of life.

Readings By Simone practices in a space of love, light and truth, without judgment and is proud to uphold this mission.