Readings By Simone Is Creating Space For Us To Honor Our Ancestors
by Nantale Muwonge

Simone Arthur first started to come into her spiritual gifts in her mid-twenties. She recalls this being the toughest period in her life. She was an immigrant living in New York, trying to figure out her career path while working a corporate marketing and event planning job that was not feeding her spirit.

And then on a warm Sunday afternoon in preparation for her baptism with Archbishop Dr. Voni Johyn of Isaiah’s Temple Spiritual Baptist Church, her gift as a medium and intuitive reader manifested. Suddenly Simone could see, hear and talk to spirit.

She had always been deeply intuitive and spiritual, but she fought her calling at first. Eventually she accepted the fact that her path called for something different and she surrendered to the journey. “After deep self-reflection I realized that I needed to focus on my spirituality, and the peace and clarity that came with this shift were life-changing,” explains Ìyá Simone.

“It’s one of the main reasons that I’m so focused on providing spiritual guidance to people who are at the beginning of their spiritual journeys. I know the struggle! But as personal as our spiritual journeys are, we don’t have to struggle through them alone.” – Ìyá Simone

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