Readings By Simone Releases Dates For Ancestral Retreat In Barbados

The Four-Day Sacred Conversations With Our Ancestors Experience Returns To Barbados In May

Brooklyn, NY – February 10, 2023 – Sacred Conversations with Our Ancestors, the ancestral retreat hosted by Readings by Simone, will return to Barbados’ shores for its second year. Finding their original location of Barbados’ Santosha Resort to be ideal for the conditions required to achieve the best experience, Readings by Simone founder Ìyá Simone is pleased to announce that the tranquil resort will, once again, be their home from May 4th – 8th, 2023.
During this guided four-day ancestral experience, attendees seeking deeper spiritual connection will participate in engaging workshops on Ancestral Veneration led by Ìyá Simone and Mental Health and Spirituality by licensed clinical therapist Ìyá Ìfè Michelle.

Participant of last year’s retreat, Dr. Keisha Holley Johnson, gave an enthusiastic review of the retreat noting, “I went to Barbados with an open mind. I did not know what to expect from this retreat except for relaxation and reflection in a beautiful locale with like-minded women. I received this, plus so much more. I received genuine healing on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. I learned spiritual rituals and tools to bring me closer to my ancestors and spirit guides. I was released from emotional, mental, and spiritual blockages to align further with my destiny! Ìyá Simone and Ìyá Ife were a dynamic duo with a genuine mission to help all they encountered. I highly recommend Sacred Conversations Ancestral Retreat for all who want holistic healing and form lasting bonds with like-minded women! Thank you again, Ìyá Simone, for your vision, and I wish you much-continued success!”

Ìyá Simone remains committed to ensuring all participants receive a holistic experience yet again, noting that attendees will be greeted at the airport on arrival, escorted through immigration and baggage pick up, and then shuttled to the resort. The retreat builds on this VIP experience with an itinerary that includes bush baths and smoke cleansings, sunrise yoga sessions with Yoga and Pilates instructor Lana Sealy, a day at the shore at The Local Barbados with a sunset meditation and a walk to the Atlantic Ocean led by drummers to give offerings and prayers to the Ancestors. 

All attendees of Sacred Conversations with Our Ancestors will enjoy daily nutritious cuisine prepared by experienced private villa chef, Chef Dane Saddler and curated branded gift bags. 

To be part of this experience, visit below. Limited spots are available.

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