About Simone

Readings By Simone was born when Simone finally surrendered to her calling as a spiritualist. At the time she lived in New York and worked in marketing and event planning, living a life that she loved – her path called for something different though. She fought it at first, but after deep self-reflection she realized that she needed to focus on her spirituality.

That was over 15 years ago! Since then Simone has offered spiritual readings to family and friends, sharing insights on their personal, professional and spiritual life.

Readings By Simone provides a pathway to connect with loved ones who have transitioned and to receive spiritual guidance on the past, present and future. Simone provides spiritual readings to people from all walks of life. She is proud to share that her clients come from all economic, cultural and religious backgrounds. Readings By Simone is done in a space of love, light and truth and without judgment.