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Spiritual & Intuitive Readings Individual

During individual intuitive readings Simone connects with spirits who have messages to share, including your ancestors and spirit guides, to offer guidance and clarity.

Spiritual & Intuitive Readings Couples

During couples’ intuitive readings Simone connects with spirits drawn to either one of you and or both, answering your questions and divining what you need to know. Ideal for couples seeking spiritual intervention to rebuild and strengthen their relationship. Couples are defined as married, common-in-law, same sex, heterosexual, legally separated, engaged or committed relationship.

Spiritual & Intuitive Readings Family

Intuitive family readings are ideal for those seeking balance, direction or a deeper understanding of a complex family dynamic. Simone taps into the spirit realm to offer the guidance and clarity you need.

Spiritual & Intuitive Readings for Career Development

Offering spiritual guidance in career development whether that is creating a new career path or restructuring your current career.

Spiritual and Intuitive Readings for Small Businesses

Spiritual business consultation is the best option for business owners seeking spiritual direction in growing their business, seeking clarity on next steps and spiritual guidance on business partnerships. Small business is a privately owned corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship with less than 100 employees. Companies bigger must contact Simone for quote.

Spirituality & Your Ancestors Course

Intense and engaging one-on-one, seven-week course aimed specifically at individuals seeking guidance on starting their spirituality journey and connecting with their ancestors.


A love reading takes a holistic look at how you are loving yourself and others, identifying your love language, and how you show up in your relationships. These relationships could be your spouse, children, family, friends, co-workers or employees

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