Ancestral Experience Registration

The information collected on this intake form is confidential and is reviewed only by instructors of Sacred Conversation with Our Ancestors. Food restrictions are shared with the chef to enable us to create a safe and supportive experience.


Please note that Sacred Conversations with Our Ancestors is limited to a small number of attendees. To allow for a more personable, intimate experience, our cancellation policy is in place to help participants and us alike, to work together to share expenses that may arise from unexpected cancellations.



2. Hold deposits (minus $100 USD relisting fee) are transferable to another attendee found and assigned ONLY by original attendee and the organizers.

3. FULL balance for the ANCESTRAL EXPERIENCE is due in full by FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 2023, unless otherwise advised.

4. Payment plans are available for the ANCESTRAL EXPERIENCE ONLY. Contact Simone Arthur to discuss.

5. Cancellation requests submitted within THIRTY ( 30) days of retreat date - 50% of total amount (less hotel fee) will be refunded.

6. Cancellation requests within FOURTEEN (14) days retreat date- ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS.

7. Any refunds facilitated will incur a 3% processing fee.

No one books a retreat with the intention of cancelling it; however, unexpected events do occur, so please consider purchasing travel insurance (see below).

It is your sole responsibility to thoroughly read and understand our cancellation policies.

Exceptions WILL NOT be made for any reason, including but not limited to weather, injury/illness, or personal emergencies.

NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS will be afforded to attendees for failure to attend or complete the retreat, or for arriving late or leaving before the scheduled conclusion of the retreat.

We recommended that you purchase your own travel insurance. You are duly encouraged to also purchase trip cancellation insurance, in order for your trip fees to be covered, should you have a medical problem prior to your trip or while on the trip.

Trip insurance should also be purchased to cover medical expenses in the event you have an accident while on the retreat. Sacred Conversations With Our Ancestors, Readings By Simone or Simone Arthur is NOT LIABLE in ANY FORM for medical expenses for attendees or injury to attendees prior to, for the duration of or after the retreat.

Most travel insurance must be purchased within FIFTEEN (15) days prior to travel. Notification of cancellation for this reason MUST occur at least ONE (1) month prior to retreat start date.

Sacred Conversations With Our Ancestors, Readings By Simone or Simone Arthur CANNOT be held liable for any personal expenses, such as airline tickets due to changes in itineraries or retreat cancellations.


Sacred Conversations With Our Ancestors Readings By Simone and Simone Arthur and all persons involved in retreats (hereinafter referred to as "AGENTS") act only in the capacity as AGENTS in all matters connected with travel, and transportation, understand that the AGENTS are not liable for any negligent or willful act or failure to act of any such third person, or of any other third party.

In addition, I acknowledge that I have voluntarily applied to participate in this retreat. I am voluntarily participating in this retreat with the knowledge of the risks and dangers involved including but not limited to: practicing yoga, meditation, life coaching, risks associated with food, accident, or illness without access to means of rapid evacuation or availability of medical supplies or services, the adequacy of medical attention once provided; and stolen, lost, or misplaced property. If I am under the care of a psychologist, psychiatrist or doctor for any mental health or physical illness or diagnosis, I have consented with them and have received their approval for my attendance at this retreat.

AGENTS will not be responsible for any damages or expenses, or inconveniences caused by late departures or change of schedule, strikes or to their conditions, nor will be responsible for loss or damage to baggage or any of the participants’ belongings. All prices quoted are correct at time of printing. AGENTS shall not be responsible for personal injury, death, accident, delay, loss, damage, irregularity or property damage as a result of force majeure or for any other losses or damages incurred by any person or journey participants caused by any delay or change of itinerary or arising out of any act, including, but not limited to, any act of negligence, any person acting for or on behalf of AGENTS for transportation or accommodation or any other person or entity rendering any of these services or accommodations being offered in connection with this journey.

Participants assume the risk involved when participating in spiritual baths, smoke cleansing, yoga, and any and all activities and/or pursuits voluntarily undertaken while participating in the retreat. Participants agree that any and all disputes between Participants and the AGENTS shall be governed by New York law. Participants agree to mediate any and all disputes prior to the institution of any litigation. In the event of any litigation between the Parties to this agreement involving their respective rights or obligations, such litigation shall take place in Brooklyn, New York and the prevailing party shall be entitled to recovery of reasonable attorney fees and court costs of litigation. In regards to the stay during the retreat, AGENTS will provide safe, careful instruction and safe premises, but ask that each participant takes personal responsibility for their own self-care and (in the unlikely case) for any injuries incurred during retreat.


I hereby release and discharge forever, the AGENTS from and against any and all liability arising from my participation in this workshop. I agree that this release shall be legally binding upon me personally, all members of my family, my and their heirs, successors, assigns, and legal Representatives, it being my intention fully to assume all the risks associated with this workshop and to release the AGENTS from any and all liabilities to the maximum extent permitted by law.

I hereby grant permission to Sacred Conversations With Our Ancestors, Readings By Simone Simone Arthur to use photographs and or video taken of me at Sacred Conversations With Our Ancestors ancestral experience (retreat) in publications, new releases, online, and in other communications.

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